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At SourceForge, Inc., our mission is to surprise, delight, and inform the global community. We offer tools for software collaboration and distribution through our site. We offer "news for nerds" at And we offer cool products for technophiles and the people who love them at

Taking part in the Peace Dot initiative is a natural extension of our mission. By fostering collaboration and community, SourceForge helps break down walls that keep people apart, improves the quality of their lives, and gives them tools to focus on helping others.

Developers Coming Together

1. United States 65,167
2. Germany 23,233
3. United Kingdom 12,921
4. France 11,810
5. Canada 8,359
6. Italy 6,986
7. Brazil 6,921
8. Spain 5,922
9. India 5,685
10. Australia 5,479
11. China 5,378
12. Russian Federation 5,155

Open Source & Peace

With open source software, you can not only run a program on your computer, but also look at the source code that makes it work. Making that code available to anyone and everyone enhances computing, not only for end users, but also for the people who develop the software.

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About Peace Dot

The Peace Dot initiative, sponsored by Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab, seeks to establish a circle of organizations who are leading the way in building the antecedents to peace. Key values include:

  • The belief that peace is possible
  • Empathy
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Tolerance

Working together, individuals and organizations can progress toward a goal of world peace in 30 years.